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Athabasca Regional Airport (CYWM)

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Located just 5 minutes outside of Athabasca, CYWM serves a variety of aircraft from privately owned single engine models, to executive jets, commercial Twin Otters and helicopters. An air courier service also flies into the airport twice-daily on weekdays.

For those choosing Athabasca as a destination, the Town has a variety of choices when it comes to restaurants, hotels, services and events throughout the year. A taxi service is available to help get you to a hot meal or relaxing hotel, and back to the airport again.

Accessible to pilots and aircraft 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Athabasca Regional Airport is Connecting Alberta’s North.


To support airport operations, a new water cistern has been installed to service the facility’s terminal building, a larger Avgas fuel tank has been added to meet the increased need for it by pilots and a Pilot’s Lounge has been opened to accommodate those stopping in for fuel or a visit. A new LED Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) light system now increases safety for pilots landing at the airport. Due to the type of lights used, it is the first airport in Canada to have such a system installed. Read More


The Athabasca Regional Airport is a registered Aerodrome located approximately 1.5 km east of Athabasca on Hwy 55, and approximately 1.5 km north on Range Road 221. GPS coordinates for the airport are:   54°44′35″N    113°12′19″W


The radio frequency for the Athabasca Airport is 123.2 MHz.


The airport has a 4000 x 100 foot asphalt runway (17/35) with an elevation of 1971 ft/601m MSL.

Other runway features include:

  • Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights;
  • a WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) that allows aircraft to descend to a minimum of 250 ft on approaches in poor weather;
  • non-directional beacon;
  • medium intensity edge lighting and REILS lights;
  • ARCAL system.

pilots lounge high angle_for web_DSC_8578PILOT’S LOUNGE

In June 2015 a Pilot’s Lounge was opened to accommodate airport users and those travelling through. The lounge is located in the County’s hangar and can be accessed from a door on the north side. Inside there is access to men’s and ladies washrooms, WiFi, and water. Some comfortable furniture will give you a break from the cockpit as well. Contact information for local cab companies and restaurants are available on a bulletin board inside the lounge.


The Athabasca Regional Airport has lease lots available to those interested in setting up a hangar or using our airport as a kick-off point for other aviation related business.


For those using the airport as a starting point for business, there is vehicle parking available on-site. We ask that you make us aware you are intending to park in our facility. Parking is also available for those who are catching flights to northern work sites.


Commercial Aircraft $15 per landing
Flying schools None
Private Aircraft None
Lease Rates $0.90 per square meter
The storage or sale of AVGAS by parties other than Athabasca County shall be prohibited at the Athabasca Regional Airport unless approved by the Athabasca Airport Committee and will subject to a fuel flowage fee. $0.05 per litre


The Athabasca Regional Airport is operated by Athabasca County .

Regular inquiries   780-675-2273

After Hours Emergencies   780-689-9000