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At the geographical centre of the province, the Athabasca region is well positioned to make the most out of its surroundings. Highway 55, Highway 2, and Highway 63 provide access to all regions of Athabasca County and neighbouring municipalities. They also connect the County to the capital region and are part of a vital network of highways for industry, business and residents to interact with each other.

The Athabasca region has an approximate population of 11,500 residents and a trading area of more than 25,000 people within an hour’s drive. Median family income in the region is $90,425, approximately 15% higher than the national average.

Open for business

If you’re a business owner or future business owner, we want to work with you. The Town and County development departments are committed to working with you and making sure you receive your permits in a timely manner. The Athabasca District Chamber of Commerce invites you to become a member to enjoy a variety of benefits, including networking, advocacy, and business-related incentives.

Business owners interested in relocating to the area have a number of options to choose from. New and established industrial parks are currently available in the region, providing business owners with lots of varying sizes. Business owners also have the opportunity to purchase suitable parcels of land in the County, or in one of the Hamlets, to provide them with room to expand outside of town limits.

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Canadian Business Journal article