Water Main Flushing to begin


Athabasca County will commence the flushing of the Water Distribution Systems as follows:

• Colinton – Wednesday, Oct. 18
• Grassland & Wandering River – Thursday, Oct. 19

Please Note: the lines will be flushed at various time throughout the day in all three hamlets.

This is a necessary part of the licensing agreement for our water systems and will require that all above noted hamlet hydrants be systematically opened and flushed to clear water lines of sedimentary debris.

Some inconvenience may be encountered as only the mains will be cleared and sediment may accumulate in the service lines to your property.

You may need to flush the supply line and water lines within your home or business by letting your taps run for a few minutes. This will help a return to clear water once again.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we complete this necessary work.