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Rental Equipment

Athabasca County has a variety of equipment available to lend and rent. The equipment is located at either the Athabasca Public Works yard or the Wandering River rental outlet. For booking arrangements in Athabasca please call the Agriculture Service Department at 780-675-2273.


Equipment Rental Fee Deposit
Bran Bait Applicator $20/day $100
Herd Seeder $5/day $50
Cyclone Seeder No charge $20
Field Sprayer: 300 gallons No charge $30
Backpack Sprayer No charge $20
Tree Planter No charge $100
Skunk Traps No charge $20
Digital Cattle Weigh Scale $20/day $100
Cattle Chute $10/day $100
Electrostatic Sprayer (2) Call for more info Call for more info
Panels (20) $1/each/day $100
Truck Mounted Tree Spade (operator included) $25 start up, $40 per hour NA
Forage/Silage Probe No charge $40
Soil Compaction Probe $20/day $100
RFID Tag Readers $25/day $500
Barbed Wire Roller $30/day $300
Calf Turn Table $10/day $100

Wandering River

Equipment Rental Fee Deposit
Skunk Trap No charge $20
Cyclone Seeder No charge $20
Cattle Squeeze $10/day $100
Cattle Chute $10/day $100
Panels (18) $1/each/day $100
Post Pounder $30/day or $45/weekend $50