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Rural Water Development

Funding provided through PFRA under the National Water Supply Expansion Program has enabled the County to plan and develop a rural water supply network across the County.

Tank loading facilities are operational at the following locations:

  • Grosmont Site: SE 15-67-24 W4M
  • George Lake Site: NE 31-64-23 W4M
  • Sawdy Site: SW 6-68-22 W4M
  • Richmond Park Site: NW 20-68-21 W4M
  • Ferguson Road Site: NW 12-66-21 W4M
  • Grassland Site: SW 25-67-19 W4
  • Boyle Site: SE 2-65-20 W4M
  • Pine Creek Site: SW 19-63-21 W4M
  • Rochester Site: In the Hamlet of Rochester
  • Colinton Site: In the Hamlet of Colinton (treated water)

The tank loading facilities will provide water at a cost of $1.00/200 gallons for agricultural use.

A typical Athabasca County truck fill station.