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Weed Control Incentive Program

Under the Weed Control Incentive Program, Athabasca County offers landowners incentives to help to stop the spread and reduce the number of noxious weeds in the region,

As a measure to address the potential economic impact of the spread of weeds, landowners who treat large infestations may qualify for a rebate on the herbicide products that they use.

Under the program, landowners can apply to be reimbursed for a portion of cost for the chemicals used. Participants in the program are required to apply prior to work being done, and have their land inspected before and after the chemical application. Proof of chemical purchase must be submitted to qualify for reimbursement.

Those interested in becoming part of the program can download and fill out the application and bring it into the County office to arrange an inspection.


For more information contact Trent or Roxanne at 780-675-2273 or via email

Weed Control Brochure

Athabasca County Agricultural Services has a helpful brochure to help identify and understand the goals for weed control in Alberta.