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Assessment Review Board

The Assessment Review Board is an independent tribunal that hears complaints relating to property assessments and renders decisions based on the evidence presented. The Assessment Review Board is independent from Athabasca County and is comprised of citizen members. Athabasca County Council approved a Bylaw 5-2010 to help guide the establishment of these boards.

How is my property assessed?

Existing properties are physically assessed on a rotational basis (about every 3 years) in Athabasca County by our contracted assessment firm Municipal Assessment Services Group (MASG).

MASG follows guidelines for assessment set out by the provincial government to determine the value of your property. These include improvements or changes to it from the last time assessors visited. New properties are assessed shortly after construction is complete.

Municipal Affairs offers a Guide to Property Assessment and Taxation in Alberta to help understand the process used in property assessment.

What if I don’t agree with the assessment?

If you feel your assessment is not fair when compared to similar properties or you suspect an error, it is recommended that you first discuss your property assessment with the County’s contracted assessor. The assessor can explain your assessment to you and correct any errors.

For any questions about property assessment or the inspection process please call Ian Ferguson at Municipal Assessment Services Group (MASG) by calling 780-939-3310 or emailing masg@shaw.ca. If you still feel like your property assessment is incorrect, you are able to file an appeal within 60 days from the date your assessment notice was mailed to you.

How do I file a complaint?

A complaint must be submitted in accordance with Section 460 of the Municipal Government Act .

Complete the Complaint Form and submit it to Athabasca County in person, by mail, email or fax. Please allow time for delivery if filing by mail.

An Assessment Review Board (ARB) must not hear any matter in support of an issue that is not identified on the complaint form. The reasons for a complaint must indicate the following:

  • What information shown on an assessment notice or tax notice is incorrect;
  • In what respect the information is incorrect, including identifying the specific issues related to the incorrect information that are to be decided by the ARB, and the grounds in support of these issues;
  • Provide the information you believe to be correct;
  • If the complaint relates to an assessment, the requested assessed value.

An agent making a complaint on behalf of an assessed person must also file a completed Agent Authorization Form.

Both the Complaint Form and Agent Authorization Forms are available from the Athabasca County Administration Office, 3602 – 48th Avenue, Athabasca, AB  T9S 1M8.

Complaint Deadline:

July 25, 2017 is the last date to file a complaint regarding your 2016 Property Assessment Notice.

Complaints filed late or without the required fee are invalid.

Filing Fees:

Your assessment notice indicates the filing fee. This fee will be refunded if a change is made to your assessment by either Municipal Assessment Services Group or the Board.

Property Type Fee
Residential/Farmland $15
Non-Residential $100

Payments Accepted

IN PERSON: By cheque

BY MAIL:  Cheques only (make your cheque payable to Athabasca County)


Filing a Property Assessment Complaint and Preparing for Your Hearing

Guide to Property Assessment and Taxation in Alberta

Determining if your property assessment fair and accurate?

What to expect at a hearing

FAQ Assessment Review Board Disclosure and Evidence:

What is a disclosure package?  A disclosure package is your evidence and it contains all of the documents that you are going to use at the hearing to prove your case.

When do I have to provide my evidence package?  You must provide your disclosure package to the ASSESSMENT REVIEW BOARD and the RESPONDENT by the disclosure deadline. You can find the deadline on the Notice of Hearing document that will be mailed to you. If you miss the disclosure deadline, then the Board may not allow you to present your evidence.

Do I have to bring paper copies of my disclosure package to the hearing? You are required to bring 7 copies of your evidence to the hearing.

Do I have to give my assessor (the Respondent) a copy of my disclosure package?  Yes, you must provide copies to the ASSESSMENT REVIEW BOARD and to the RESPONDENT by the disclosure deadline. When making its decision, the Board must disregard any materials that were not disclosed to all parties.

What is the market value of my property?  The market value of your property comes from sales of comparable properties in your region of the County. Comparable properties are those that are similar to yours in size, age, house type and other characteristics and are based on the market value as of July 1 of the previous year.

For more information on the Assessment Review Board, contact:

Brian Pysyk
Director of Corporate Services
Phone 780-675-2273