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Family School Liaison Program

The Family School Liaison Program is a free, client-based, goal-focused program provided by Family and Community Support Services (FCSS). The goal of this program is to encourage individual growth and development for personal well-being.

Family School Liaison Program_finding solutions togetherSupported by Aspen View Schools and Alberta Health Services – Mental Health, the program is designed to meet the social and emotional needs of children and youth who are experiencing difficulties. It provides support, encouragement, and ideas in a non-judgmental, confidential manner. The program is preventative and involvement is voluntary and intended to be short-term.

The Family School Liaison Worker will work with your child to:

  • Provide regular sessions with the child or youth to help him/her succeed in achieving the goals that have been set.
  • Liaison with the families and school staff to further support the child or youth.
  • Facilitate specialized small groups of students with similar goals.
  • Provide resources and information to children, youth, families, and/or school staff.

**Some requests for services may not be suitable for the Family School Liaison Program. In such cases, a referral to other services and/or resources will be made.**

Family School Liaison Program_circle of handsIndividual goals may focus on:

  • Emotional Concerns:  self-esteem, self-control, managing emotions, grief and loss, stress, changes, coping skills.
  • Social Concerns:  problem solving, social skills, communication, relationships with friends/peers.
  • Family Concerns:  divorce or separation, parent-child conflict, sibling conflict.
  • School Based Concerns:  transition to a new school, relationships with others, and classroom issues.›››››››

This Program is offered at:

  • Whispering Hills Primary School
  • Landing Trail Intermediate School
  • Edwin Parr Composite School
  • Boyle School
  • Grassland School
  • Rochester School
  • Wandering River School
  • Outreach School

How can Services be accessed?

Children, youth, parents/guardians, school staff, or community members can contact a worker directly through Family and Community Support Services or through school counsellors or administrators.