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Municipal Utilities Services

Utilities provides water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure that promotes public health and safety. Athabasca County residents enjoy water and sewer system services as well as truck fill and tank loading facilities.

Water System Services
Provided in the hamlets of Colinton, Wandering River, and Grassland.

Sewer System Services
Provided Colinton, Wandering River, Rochester, and Grassland.

Truck Fill Facilities
Potable water (safe drinking water) is available in Colinton and Wandering River.

Tank Loading Facilities
Intended for agricultural uses only as it is untreated water and not intended for household use.

Tank loading facilities are operational in the Grassland area, Rochester, Richmond Park, Grosmont George Lake, Boyle, Ferguson Road and Pine Creek. There are also treated water facilities in Colinton and Wandering River. The tank loading facilities will provide water at a minimal cost for agricultural use.