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Land Use Planning & Subdivisions

The Planning & Development Department manages and guides development in Athabasca County. This includes responsibility for all land use, policy, and development planning activities. The department works with the public and stakeholders in municipal land use. We are here to answer any questions you have about Subdivision Applications, Land Use Bylaws, Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plans, Intermunicipal Development Plan and all other planning matters.


Athabasca County Planning and Development Fee Schedule

Subdivision Applications

Subdivision of land in Athabasca County is managed by the County’s Municipal Planning Commission in conjunction with the County’s Land Use Bylaw, Municipal Development Plan, Outline Plans and the Municipal Government Act.

Ratepayers may wish to contact the Planning and Development Department and provide some general information about their land and proposal, and to discuss whether their proposed subdivision would meet the guidelines outlined in the County’s planning documents prior to submitting an application for subdivision.

Land Use Bylaw Amendments and Area Structure Plans

If a parcel of land is not currently zoned for a certain use or could not be subdivided under the current land use district, a landowner may choose to apply for rezoning the parcel to another district that may allow the proposed land use or to allow subdivision of the parcel. Depending on the proposed future use, an Area Structure Plan may be required. You can contact the department for more information.

Municipal Planning Commission

The Municipal Planning Commission consists of nine members appointed by resolution of Council, at the annual organizational meeting. The Commission deals with all Subdivision Applications, Land Use Amendment Applications, as well as any developments referred to it by the Development Authority Officer.

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board consists of five members appointed by resolution of the Council. See the Athabasca County Planning and Development Fee Schedule for costs relating to appeals.