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Recreational Vehicle Placement Bylaw (008-2018) explained

Athabasca County Council adopted Bylaw 008-2018, a bylaw amending the Land Use Bylaw 6-2002, at the April 26, 2018 Regular Council Meeting.

The new bylaw was deemed necessary to provide clarity with regards to land parcel size, definitions, and when permits would be required. It also removes a 14-day time limit for RVs, adds the use of recreational vehicles to a number of land districts, and removes a restriction on size of accessory buildings.

The definition of Recreational Campgrounds was expanded to include more than 6 recreational vehicles. Recreational Campgrounds are parcels of land requiring permits for the purpose of renting or leasing lots as part of a commercial enterprise. This provision provides a way to establish recreational campgrounds where suitable and allows for a public notification and appeal process.

The new bylaw will be evaluated over the 2018 camping season for effectiveness and will provide valuable information to help amend the draft Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan with regards to RVs.

More information about Bylaw 008-2018 can be found by clicking on the link below.


How many RVs are allowed on my property?

The number of permitted RVs is based on the size of your land parcel and is set as follows:

  • up to 5 Acres | 2 vehicles
  • 6 to 10 Acres | 3 vehicles
  • 11 to 70 Acres | 4 vehicles
  • 71 to 160 Acres | 6 vehicles

When do I require a permit for an RV in the proposed bylaw?

You only require a permit when the number of RVs exceeds the permitted amount based on your parcel size.

Is there a 14 day time limit that each RV can stay?

No. This is one of the sections of Bylaw 6-2002 that was removed in the new bylaw.

How long is a permit good for and how much does it cost?

If you exceed the number of RVs allowed on your lot you are required to apply for a development permit.  The Development permit cost is $200, as it is discretionary in the land use districts.  If a Development Permit for an additional RV is granted, it will remain in effect until such time the property changes ownership, or is removed.

How are recreational trailer parks addressed in the new bylaw?

These are commercial ventures in which money is exchanged for the placement of an RV. A definition in the bylaw says, “a recreational trailer park means a development on a parcel of land which has been planned and improved for accommodation of recreational vehicles.  A development for the purpose of renting or leasing sites, consisting of more than six (6).”

Do I need to hook up the RVs to septic systems?

RVs set up on a permanent basis for a prolonged period of time are expected to be connected to a septic system. Permits are required when a permanent installation is planned.

Questions about Bylaw 008-2018 can be directed to the Planning & Development Department

780-675-2272 | 1-844-662-2273 | planning@athabascacounty.com