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Residential, Commercial & Industrial Development

Athabasca County’s Land Use Bylaw No.6-2002 outlines what types of development are permitted and discretionary for each of the various Land Use Districts in the County.

Prior to development occurring in the County, ratepayers and/or developers are required to obtain a development permit application and respective permits under the Safety Codes Act.  Setback distances must also be taken into account.

Once the Development Permit has been issued, a building permit application is applied for. Click here for a checklist of documentation that is to be submitted with the building permit application for different types of projects. Information for your mobile or modular home, garage, deck/stairs, and wood stove are to be submitted along with the building permit. As of November 1, 2016 new Energy Efficiency Codes are in effect in Alberta. A document explaining Energy Efficiency Requirements for Section 9.36 of the Alberta Building Code the changes is available by clicking here. If the project is for a new single family dwelling, the project could be subject to the Alberta New Home Warranty program.

Permits for electrical, gasplumbing, and private sewage disposal system and private sewage holding tanks  must also be applied for in accordance with the Safety Codes Act.

Athabasca County is an accredited municipality and has contracted The Inspections Group Inc. to ensure all development within the County meets the requirements of the Act. Go here for a Permits and Compliance Handbook from The Inspections Group. Having the work inspected and submitting a Permit Inspection Request at the appropriate stage of construction is vital to your project being compliant with the provincial regulations. Finding a good contractor is a great way to ensure that your project is successful.

See Permit fees for printable Fee Schedules.

For more information on typical projects requiring building permits, Municipal Affairs offers information on garage, deck, developing your basement, fireplace, pools & hot tubs, wood burning appliance .

For citizens looking to build in wooded areas, check out the provincial government’s Fire Smart planning publication.

If you are starting a home based business, in the County, please refer to the Regulations for Home Occupations.

If you require a Certificate of Compliance, the request must include an original copy of a current Real Property Report, (less than 30 days old) and the fee of $100.  If you require the Certificate of Compliance on a rush basis (3 business days), the fee is $200.