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Peace Officer

Athabasca County Enforcement Services is responsible for investigating complaints, enforcement of Municipal Bylaws and various Provincial Statutes. Our County Peace Officer enhances public safety by patrolling residential, industrial, rural, and recreational areas within the county alongside the RCMP, Alberta Sheriffs, and the Fish & Wildlife enforcement branch.

How to file a Complaint

Filing a complaint is the first step in asking for the assistance of the Community Peace Officer. You can submit your complaint form in the following ways:




Athabasca County Office

3602 – 45 Avenue, Athabasca, AB

8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday






PLEASE NOTE:  If you are reporting an after-hours incident involving a vicious or dangerous dog please contact your local RCMP Detachment or 911. 

What happens once a Complaint Form is submitted?

In order to investigate your complaint Enforcement Services personnel will collect your name, current address and phone number(s) as well as the following information:

– Date and time of the event/incident

– Type of event/incident

– Location and/or address of the event / incident

– General description of the event/incident

Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

A Peace Officer will begin an investigation into your complaint and provide action as warranted, once it has been determined if there has or has not been a breach of legislation. Actions taken may include a notice for remedial measures (i.e. clean-up or removal of garbage at an unsightly property), verbal warning (to educate and mitigate the violator from continuing the breach of legislation) and/or charges laid (i.e. bylaw ticket, provincial violation ticket) if the Peace Officer deems this action is appropriate.

There may be times when you will be asked to provide a sworn statement to the Peace Officer, as well as attending court.  The Freedom of Information and Protection Act (FOIP) governs the collecting and dissemination of all personal information.  If you are required to attend court in regards to your complaint, your name may be provided to the defendant.

For a Barking Dog complaint, please fill out the Barking Dog Package (available below). The package will ask you to track the dogs barking over a period of several days. This package is used to determine whether or not the dogs barking would be considered excessive under the Dog Control Bylaw. Please submit the Barking Dog Package in the same manner as you would a normal complaint outlined above.



Stray Dogs

If you have found a stray dog please contact the County office during regular business hours at the number provided above. Stray dogs will only be accepted during regular business hours. Dogs found after these hours must be held until the next business day.

If you are missing a dog you can check the Athabasca County Facebook page to see any recently found dogs.