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Fire Smart Yard Debris Disposal Program

Although there is snow on the ground right now soon things will start to dry out and spring clean-up of private properties begin. It’s a good time to think about how to Fire Smart your property to reduce the chances for fire to start, or spread, on your property.

Property owners can take steps to reduce the amount of dry natural material on their property and creating a buffer zone around the structures on your property. These are among the suggestions made by the Fire Smart program.

These ideas are particularly important for those who have properties in forested areas. As trees, bushes and grasses go through their natural cycle they essentially become a source of fuel for a fire. Removing this material is a key to making your property Fire Smart.

Property owners can prepare their properties by:

  • Reducing the number of trees immediately adjacent to their home to prevent tree to tree ignition;
  • They can space existing trees 3 metres apart, and prune their branches 2 metres up from the ground;
  • Creating a 10 metre buffer zone of no trees or shrubs immediately around their home is another way to reduce the risk; and,
  • Even the simple decision to move a firewood pile from beside the deck of your home to the edge of your property or cleaning your rain gutters can make a big difference when a wildfire occurs.

The wildfire.alberta.ca website has these and a great number of other helpful tips to assist in Fire Smart initiatives around your home.


A Free Yard Debris Disposal Program takes place from May 19 to 29. During this time fees for disposing of yard debris including grass, leaves, branches and wood will be waived at all Athabasca Regional Waste Transfer stations.