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You will discover numerous camping and recreational opportunities throughout the County. Come and escape in one of our campgrounds or go fishing, swimming, or boating in one of our beautiful lakes.

Campground Cost
Jackfish Lake $25/ night
Hope Lake $25/ night
Forfar Park $25/ night
Baptiste Lake $15/ night
Island Lake $15/ night
Ghost Lake $15/ night
Narrow Lake $15/ night
Long Lake $15/ night
North Buck Lake Narrows $15/night

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Seasonal Camping

Seasonal Camping is available at Hope Lake Campground and Forfar Recreation Park. Application forms, which are available through the County Administration Office and the listed campgrounds, are accepted through drop off, fax or e-mail commencing September 1st of the current camping season to January 2 of the following year. Due to the increasing demand of seasonal camping, if there are more applications than seasonal sites available, a lottery will take place to determine who will receive a seasonal site.

The Athabasca County Recreation Board defines the camping season to begin on approximately May 15th of each year to allow for variations in weather and/or other factors that may alter specific opening and/or closing dates. Shall the opening date be past May 15th, there will be NO refunds of fees paid.

Seasonal camping is available May to September.

The following listed prices, including GST are as follows:

  • $1800- Full season (May to September)
  • Plus $50 application fee

Also, seasonal applications are accepted from September 1 to January 2.