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Off Highway Vehicles

Within the boundaries of Athabasca County, the use of Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) is governed by the Traffic Safety Act (TSA) of Alberta and Off Highway Vehicle Bylaw #11-2009 of Athabasca County.

The laws are enforced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Athabasca County’s Community Peace Officer.

These rules are for everyone’s well-being.  We appreciate your efforts in helping us keep Athabasca County a safe place to have fun!

For additional information on Athabasca County’s OHV bylaw, contact the Community Peace Officer at (780) 675 2273.

Riding in Athabasca County

A few key points to remember about the County’s bylaw include:

  • Every OHV operator must have a valid Class 5 or greater driver’s license.  If you have a valid Class 7 learner’s permit, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 18 years or older with a valid Class 5 or greater license.
  • Drive your OHV single file on the extreme right hand side of municipal roads or in the ditch.
  • The maximum speed limits are 30km/h in a ditch; 50km/h on County roads; and 30km/h in hamlets and subdivisions.
  • Operate your OHV with valid registration, insurance and plates.
  • Always carry proof of insurance, registration, and identification.
  • You may only operate your OHV between 8:00am and 10:00pm.
  • You may not operate your OHV in or on an Environmental Reserve or anywhere signs may be posted prohibiting the use of OHVs.

OHV operators that contravene the bylaw are guilty of an offense and subject to the associated fine.

Remember:  this bylaw only applies to Athabasca County.  Check with the Town of Athabasca, the Village of Boyle, and the summer villages about their regulations if you plan to ride your OHV within their boundaries.

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